Summary of the Luge World Cup

Summary of the luge season 2017/2018 is time to start. The last competition that counted for the cup classification in which our Ambassador – Rafał Zasuwa – took part was Obdach-Winterleiten and Umhausen. In both of them – our representative – despite not entirely satisfying results – showed a fight to the end! In Obdach-Wintereiten, Rafal in the qualifying rounds he started with 30th time, after the first slide he moved by two stitches, and finally, after the second slide, he finished 28th. Patryk Budny came right in front of him. There were still chances to start the Polish team composed of: Julia Płowy, Rafał Zasuwa, and two: Patryk Budny / Adam Jędrzejko. Unfortunately, there was no team slip, because one of the “two” sledges struggled with a leg injury.

Rafal Zasuwa in Obdach-Winterleiten

In the last competition in Umhausen, the weather has improved on the way to better results. The eliminations and the first slide went quite well – Rafał drove 1: 6.70 at training and the first slide at the competition 1: 19.40. On the second day of the competition – it got wet and the track began to melt, which had a bearing on a slower downhill – 1: 25.58. All this made Rafał the 22nd place. Other Poles: Julia Płowy on the 12th place, Patryk Budny 25. Dwójka Adam Jędrzejko / Patryk Budny took 9th place.

fot. Chris Walch 

In the general classification of the World Cup, in the season 2017/2018 – Rafał took the 20th place! It is a jump from the 34th place on which it reached last year! (although last year, he did not compete in all competitions). For us – this is a significant progress! Keep it up! #ChaiKolaSupports!