Cycle Speedway – Adelajda 2017

A group of speedway cycling (a discipline called the speed driver) enthusiasts joined the team under the ChaiKola brand. It is a sport that began in the end of World War II, when young Englishmen raced on the tracks around … places where bombs were falling. It’s impressive, huh?

Among our enthusiasts, who are not afraid of speeding tickets on the two-wheeler, You will find an accountant with the motto of life “better to wear than to rust”, a hip-hop fan, a student of plastics processing. There is also a bicycle technician, a Marvel film fan, a student of a mechanical school team, and a Borussia Dortmund fan. The team is complemented by a motoring enthusiast, a driver in international traffic and a fanatical spectator of the Chicago Bulls. An explosive mixture, admit it! Everyone shares love for the bike they profess (and practice) – some even for 20 years representing speed-speed clubs from all over Poland!

Now they will fight in the final of the World Championships in Adelaide, where they will represent Poland on the Australian speedriver tracks. ChaiKola accompanies our daredevils in this expedition, counting silently that natural kola will bring them happiness in Antipodes!