The Food Portal about Wild Grass

The Food Portal is a strong industry medium that deals – as the name suggests – with the food industry. This is an invaluable source of information for people operating on the food market. In January this year, we had the pleasure to give an interview regarding our company. We talked about drinks, difficult beginnings and plans for the future. And it will happen, first of all, that after Sobear’ach, which went into production in 2017, we plan to expand our portfolio with new flavors. We focus on the leading brand of ChaiKola and it is in the near future that the sugar-free version will be available, i.e. ChaiKola ZERO and ChaiKola with an additional portion of caffeine. 🙂 About these new products – coming soon! And here you have a quite solid substitute for the interview with the creators of Wild Grass – Małgosia Wujek and Michał Borecki. The entire interview will be available in the printed version in Magazyn Spożywczy.


Here you will find a fragment of the interview about our beginnings, pioneering ideas that stand behind today’s Wild Grass drinks, as well as the adventure that accompanies them. The Grocery Portal also used Michał Borecki’s statement on the latest trends that can be observed in the beverage industry.