Wild Grass

Change is always possible!

In 2010 we’ve decided to abandon our life in Poland and settle in Asia for at least couple of years. The plan was very simple – we sell an apartment in Warsaw and buy a small hotel on Bali. The plan seemed to have no weak points. We have been in Asia several times and we liked it very much, Indonesia was politically stable, and Bali had developed tourism. What more could we want? We found a hotel, we bought tickets and we went to make a deal of our lifes. Where’s the beverage business in all this?

It turned out (not for the first time) that dreams are often much more colorful than reality. Most tourists in the area of “our” hotel turned out to be eternally beery, noisy and disturbing. Despite that we’ve been obliged to buy the property with a mysterious Indonesian partner. After analyzing the facts, we decided to find plan B very quickly.


We went to the neighboring island of Celebes looking for a peaceful quite land. We had many ideas, but almost all were not enough good because of some prosaic reasons. Too expensive, too complicated, too difficult, too short term… After days of continuous discussions, we have eliminated all ideas except one – tea beverage manufacture. Of course, we had no simple idea what it meant to produce beverages, we did not know anything about food business or trade at all. We were geographers who are closer to walking in swamps than in supermarkets. But since the plan of our residence in Asia failed, we could not go back to Poland without a good alternative.

It was in 2010. We started a small beverage startup making craft sodas in glass bottles for HoReCa. Since that time, we have been producing various beverages, we became a part of Polish food specialties program, we won several awards and prizes, and some positive attention of the press too. Today we cooperate with a number of large companies and supermarket chains in Poland (Biedronka, Żabka, Orlen, Carrefour) and develop our export activities in foreign countries.