Wild Grass

Change is always possible!

In 2010, we’ve decided to abandon our life in Poland and settle in Asia for at least several years. The plan was very simple – sell an apartment in Warsaw and buy a small hotel on Bali. Plan seemed to have no weak points. We have been in Asia several times and we liked it very much, Indonesia is politically stable, and Bali has developed tourism. What more could we want? We found a dream hotel, we bought tickets and we went to make a deal of our lifes. Where’s the drink in all this?

It turned out (not for the first time) that dreams are often much more colorful than reality. Most tourists in the area of “our” hotel turned out to be eternally beery Australians and Russians. Despite that we would have to buy the property with a mysterious Indonesian partner. After analyzing the facts, we decided to find plan B very quickly.


We went to the neighboring island of Celebes looking for peace and quite. We had many ideas, but almost all were not good because of some prosaic reasons. Because too expensive, because we knew nothing about the market or it was simply impossible or with no long term perspective After a few days of continuous discussions, we drew all ideas apart from producing tea drinks. Of course, we did not know what it means to produce drinks, we did not know anything about food production or trade at all. We are geographers who are closer to walking in swamps than supermarkets. But since the plan of residence in Asia failed, we can not go back to Poland without a contingency plan.

It was in 2010. Since then, we’ve almost come into the possession of a juice production plant, we have been producing beverages in glass bottles, we have worked with several large companies from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we sold our drinks to the most important and important customers in Poland, such as Biedronka, Orlen and Carrefour, we took part in several trade fairs in Poland, China, Egypt or Spain, we become part of Polish food specialties program, we got several awards and distinctions, several newspapers have written about us and some were not:-) We have a lot of work ahead of us, fortunately we have a lot of experience on our backs, from which we can always take something out.