Wild Grass

Imagine a world full of natural taste!

In Wild Grass, we focus on natural ingredients and flavors from the very beginning. We believe that it is possible to create the highest quality products and offer them at a good price. In Wild Grass, we try to make sure that all our products are available to everyone, regardless someone lives in a big or small city, east or west, north or south. It is not about numerical availability, but above all about price availability. Everyone should be able to buy natural and good products at a good price. We do not agree with the policy of artificial price raising in order to create so called exclusive products. We wish we’ll be able to say in the future that our goal has been achieved. That our products are available to everyone and everyone can afford them.

In Wild Grass, we give great importance to social responsibility. We support non-commercial cultural events, such as the WatchDocs festival of documentary films organized by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights or the 48 Hour Film Project Festival. We support student initiatives and crazy ideas of young and creative people. In the near future we would like to turn our support for cultural and social events to one of the most important activities in Wild Grass.